Speaking out in favor of the new hospital

Regarding a meeting of the Utica Common council scheduled Wednesday, September 6, 2017, and a future meeting of the Oneida County Board of Legislators:

It has been said that Utica council endorsement and Oneida county legislative endorsement of the parking garage agreement are important to the hospital project. While these endorsements are symbolic, it seems to us there are three possibilities:

1. Legislators have already made up their minds and will be unaffected by opinions expressed, pro and con, at public meetings, and by the presence of advocates.
2. Some legislators may not have decided, and attendees–whether they address the meetings or not–may exert some influence.
3. The council and/or the county legislature may delay voting, especially if #2 above is true.

Given these three possibilities (and others that you may think of), we leave it to you, and to your friends, to decide on a course of action. But whatever you decide, and whether you believe that this project would result in a “giant hospital district” or support and enhance the continuing transformation of Downtown Utica and our region, please share this post with your friends so that they too are aware.

We hope, of course, that one or more of the hospital project’s partners and other community leaders will attend the Utica council meeting and speak out, so that the Council and the media will see the big picture: that there is significant community support, and some opposition, to the project.

#theodorelukeelizabethfaxton #newmvhospital #forabetterfuture#yestoprogress

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