Thank you!

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to discuss the Mohawk Valley’s new hospital on Facebook. We appreciate that the back-and-forth has been [mostly] respectful. It’s clear that everyone who cares enough to express an opinion on these issues loves this city and our area.

For the few participants who have questioned our motives and the motives of others, we understand the natural tendency to draw conclusions from personal information–and, after, a great deal of discussion, that’s why we have chosen to be a catalyst for discussion and remain anonymous.

Many of us have seen how quickly any public discussion descends into one or more of the following: where we’re from (not from here–how can he/she know anything about Utica?), where we live now (He/she’s from Rome, doesn’t even live in Utica), where we own property, where we work–and lastly, family: who are we married to? Who are our cousins? All of the above, instead of informing a discussion or revealing some hidden motivation, detract from a reasoned discussion of facts.

So again, we thank those of you who are willing to engage in a civil exchange of thoughts and ideas. And if you believe, as we do, that the new Mohawk Valley hospital is a tremendous public good that transcends perpetual skepticism, suspicion and fear of change, please suggest to your friends that they join the conversation. #newmvhospital

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