Fiery trousers and other words

After composing a note to our Facebook friend who quoted Sir Walter Scott (“Oh, what a tangled web we weave/When first we practice to deceive!”) to imply that public officials and hospital representatives have not told the truth about the downtown hospital location decision, it occurred to us that perhaps this topic should be explored here, as well.

Continuing to imply that elected officials, MVHS representatives and others lied (“…when first we practice to deceive”) as to site preference/selection illustrates only the dissatisfaction of a few with the downtown site selection. Perhaps one person or many expressed a preference or had great influence.

It should come as no surprise that no individual–especially in a public forum or face-to-face encounter–is willing to say, “Yes; downtown was my idea.” We are happy to point out the obvious: that elected officials and others involved are human, and that no one relishes the opportunity to take credit for a decision in the face of one angry constituent, or a dozen. And, again, perhaps the preference for the site was shared by several persons–none of whom wants to say, “It was I,” in the face of someone who disagrees. In the end, MVHS selected the site–more than a year ago–based on the criteria it has cited, and multiple entities support that decision. And the project is moving forward.

If analyzing inconsistencies in the remarks–verbal and written–produced over many people on multiple occasions concerning a project of this size is satisfying in some way, we understand. But calling those with whom you disagree “deceive(rs)” and more unpleasant names (“stupid,” “idiots,” “perverse,” etc.)–as NHD has done on numerous occasions–detracts from legitimate concerns and defiles the discussion of this important public issue.

We continue to assert that how we as a community engage on this issue is an important indication of our ability to succeed. And it is disappointing and disturbing that some seem to revel in the lowest forms of rhetoric.

For, as Plutarch wrote two thousand years ago, ” . . . in words are seen the state of mind and character and disposition of the speaker.”

#newmvhospital  #forabetterfuture #yestoprogress

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