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For those who missed a recent WIBX “First News with Keeler in the Morning” interview with MVHS’s Robert Scholefield, here are some excerpts:

About the project’s progress

It’s about a million dollars a month for us to have the architectural firms, engineering firms, planners, our staff, sitting around tables for eight hours at a time, planning what an emergency room’s going to look like, the O.R., and so forth. That’s real dollars.

Where are we with the Certificate of Need?

Certificate of Need is on the same timeline we spoke of before. You cannot file for a Certificate of Need until after you’ve secured assurances to funding and until after at least 30 percent of the drawings are complete for the new building. We still anticipate at November [2017] filing for a Certificate of Need . . . [consideration of it could take] two months, four months; it takes a little time for things in Albany to get through the process. This is a pretty big, complicated application as well.

Who pays for infrastructure, in terms of roads and demolishing buildings that are on the site?

When the project goes through, the cost of infrastructure falls on the shoulders of the hospital. So we’ve budgeted for what it’s going to cost to bring sewer lines through, water lines, electrical lines, that’s on our dollar. The cost of removing properties and dealing with the land underneath, that’s our responsibility.

You don’t know what is under those properties . . . there could be toxins. These are old, old properties. Could that derail the project altogether?

There have been a number of studies done, even before the hospital was involved in that location . . . Mohawk Valley EDGE, through their consultants, did a lot of [environmental] work there. Part of the placing of the facility will be related to where we think the higher-risk areas would or would not be. Once we get to those, we have to remediate; we have to address them. Do we think it’s going to block the project? No.

What will happen with St. Luke’s and St. Elizabeth?

That’s our responsibility. In 2018, we will begin the process to do a full real estate assessment of the properties . . . to determine what the best purposes for reuse of the buildings would be, and begin marketing them.

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