New hospital “an enormous opportunity”

This has been a good week for regional progress: Unanimous county legislative approval of the new hospital’s garage agreement, followed by the announcement of $10 million for downtown Rome revitalization. And our “no” friends, while promising legal action and continued negativity on social media, mustered one opposition speaker at the Board of Legislators and a lone protester in Rome Thursday.
Meanwhile, many of you—and your friends, co-workers and business acquaintances—are learning more about the transformational nature of the downtown hospital project. And they’re speaking up, as Dr. Michael Kelberman, a cardiologist, did on Wednesday. Here’s part of what he told county legislators:
“Having a new facility is an enormous opportunity. It puts us on the leading edge. We’ve got to do it. It will have tremendous impact. It has to get done.”
Others we’ve heard from this week are puzzled. Why, they ask, is there even an argument about this? The state is committed and supportive. So are the county, the city, other organizations—the Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce, The Community Foundation, the Genesis Group—representing thousands of residents, taxpayers, community leaders.
We believe that it will serve the community’s best interest, as the project continues to develop, to spread the word about the new downtown hospital’s great impact and future benefit to our entire area. So we’re asking you, please, to reach out on Facebook, ask your friends to “friend” us—and spread the word in the community.
It has been a good week for regional progress. And many more such good weeks, months and years are on the horizon.

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