Another step forward

The much-discussed “footprint” of the new downtown Utica medical center campus has been decided, as described in the September 21 edition of the Observer-Dispatch:

“The new downtown hospital campus, including the parking garage, will sit on a 25-acre parcel that includes the current Utica police maintenance garage, but not the police station or city court.

The parcel covers all the blocks between the North-South Arterial, Oriskany Street, Columbia and Broad Street, except for the police station, court and related parking lots. It also includes the block between Oriskany, Washington and Lafayette streets and Broadway on which Rockford Auto Glass; Eggers, Caryl & Corrigan; and North Country Books sit. And it includes some property on the other side of Columbia Street between Broadway and State Street, including Urbanik’s Paints.”

MVHS’s Scott Perra and Bob Scholefield described other project steps, including a formal announcement of the project footprint, continued work with property owners in the affected area and the November filing for the required “Certificate of Need.”

We’re pleased that the project is moving forward, and support for it is growing: the city, county, chamber of commerce, community foundation, Genesis Group, O-D editorial board, WIBX’s Bill Keeler and many other community voices have weighed in. And we expect that the few persistent folks who have repeatedly criticized MVHS for not revealing the final project footprint will dispute it now that it HAS been decided, and/or they’ll shift focus to their many and varied points of contention.

Even though this transformational opportunity for our area has enormous potential and many supporters, not everyone will be happy. Progress is not perfect.

As former British Prime Minister Tony Blair once observed, “Human progress has never been shaped by complainers or cynics.”




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