Full circle

A certain circularity surrounds the limited but loud criticism of the new downtown hospital.

Questions, many of them reasonable, are asked. And answered. And asked again, as though repeated queries will result in a changed location or some other desired outcome.

One such question concerns the size, fit, scope of the project–the fear that it will divide and dominate the downtown landscape (after bulldozers lay waste to the city, as the questioners are fond of saying repeatedly). It seemed to us that this question, this topic, had been addressed not that long ago. And we were able to find the following OD article, which makes for interesting reading–or re-reading:

Don’t expect a cookie-cutter hospital or a hulk at war with its surroundings to be built in downtown Utica, say architects from the firm hired to design the building for the Mohawk Valley Health System.

One principle that guides architectural firm NBBJ’s work is an understanding of how projects fit into their sites, said architect Ryan Hullinger, a principal with the firm in its Columbus office.

“That means the culture and the community and the client, but also what’s physically there. … We want to think about the opportunity to do a building in a way that’s going to make it feel like it blends in, but then also raises the overall environmental character of its setting as a whole,” he said.

There’s a great deal more worth reading in this article. Of course, it won’t satisfy everyone. But this particular question has been asked. And answered. And answered, and answered . . .

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