More heat than light

Some call it “the silly season . . . the time just before an election when wild accusations are the order of the day.” It sometimes includes “October surprises. . . news events deliberately created or timed to influence the outcome of an election.”

In our corner of the universe (on matters pertaining to the area’s new regional hospital), the season of absurdity posing as political activism has been with us for what seems like a long, long time. Legitimate questions–many of them repeatedly asked and answered, others awaiting further developments–have been dragged into an unholy mix of accusation, conjecture and negativity.

DebatersWe feel obligated to point out that the noise of opposition, which seems louder as Election Day approaches, represents the relative few (led by the “literal two”) in our community whose voices are magnified in their own echo chamber of negativity. Meanwhile, as it has for months–years, actually–the work to enhance regionalĀ  healthcare for a better future quality of life goes on. From the hospital’s website, several facets of that work are plain to see, including:

“NBBJ, the architectural firm selected to design the new hospital . . . has been meeting with a broad cross-section of doctors, nurses, and other medical support staff to develop conceptual planning for the new health campus. They have also been meeting with members of the community including neighborhood and civic groups, business organizations, and more, to gain input on the design of the campus and insight into how to best integrate it into surrounding neighborhood.”

Also on the hospital’s website, a project timeline shows how the work continues over the next several years:new-hospital-timeline-graphic

. . . but don’t expect information like this to make headlines or excite interest at politicalTwitterStump gatherings or online, on the “Twitter stump.” Our means of communication have evolved in recent years, but using fear of change–and fear tactics in general–to stir up emotion and doubt, generating “more heat than light,” is as old as humanity itself.

Just remember: despite the noise, the work goes on.

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