Of meteors and Marx

We have noted previously that the weeks and days leading up to an election provide fertile ground for–well, an increased use of fertilizer, so to speak.

Noting the increasing clamor by the few but loud anti-hospital voices, we were inspired to create a graphic tribute to their many and colorful maps, charts and illustrations–and they quickly disavowed this satirical offering (which makes you wonder, doesn’t it?). Since the volume has only increased this past week, we thought those of you with better things to do than spend time on Twitter might like to see it:


Just as in NHD’s many pronouncements, this parody speaks with absolute authority. It speaks of “research” and “data,” attacks elected officials and alludes to a scary event. (Interestingly, data available online show that the odds of an individual being struck and killed by a meteor are greater than the incidents of fiery train crashes per millions of miles of freight train traffic. And this factoid, unlike many of NHD’s pronouncements, is actually true. But back to our graphic.)

The only things missing in the above illustration are the increasing number of attacks in NHD’s rhetoric on the hospital’s current and past care for patients, recent criticisms of the not-for-profit organizations and their leaders that support the hospital and, finally, references to future unspecified legal action.

For these and other reasons, I’m sure that many in our community are glad that Election Day is Tuesday. Not that the negativity will end, but once the aforementioned “silly season” is over maybe–just maybe more people will realize that the biggest public-private investment in our community in history is our future.

Because it’s Friday, we leave you with a musical illustration of NHD’s chart, above, from the immortal Julius “Groucho” Marx.

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