The way forward

Now that the voters have had their say, we would like to point out that the hospital project is moving forward. A single municipal election day, all the advance noise to the contrary, did not change that.

As more of the “no” co-founders’ questions are answered (NHD: There won’t be a helipad! MVHS: Yes, there will.) and property owners within the footprint begin to receive purchase offers and relocation assistance, the project will continue to take shape. Other NHD “concerns” will fall by the wayside too; “What’s the final design?” “When will the Certificate of Need application be filed?” and so on.

Not that these answers to questions, or Election Day results, will lessen the continuing negativity. Past “concerns” –What about the police station? The courts building?—came and went, too; as did cries of “conspiracy,” “corruption,” etc.

The fact of the matter is, negativity for its own sake is an enduring and adaptable strategy.

Fortunately for our community, optimism and a commitment to progress will persist. And prevail.

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