Progress continues. So do arguments.

Quick progress report, based on MVHS’s recent announcements, media interviews, etc.

  1. Yes, there will be a helipad
  2. The police station and courts building will remain
  3. Downtown Utica hospital will provide Level II Trauma Center care

Each new development shows the project taking shape and should answer legitimate questions from folks who curious or concerned. And more information will be forthcoming, since this is a mammoth undertaking–years in the making, with years to go before completion.

You might think that Tuesday’s election results (the most vocal  no-hospital-pledge-signing candidates lost, in case you missed it) and the steady release of more project information would be met with reasonable responses from those who have persistently questioned (some would say “attacked”) everything about the project. Sadly, they have proclaimed that they will continue their “battle” will continue “for years, if necessary.”

No new information answering any question about the project satisfies those who oppose it. In fact, with each passing day, these project opponents, small in number, unable to convince voters to support their views on Tuesday, return to each and every facet of the project, finding fault with it. Continued carping about settled questions (Who’s responsible for the $300 million legislative language regarding project site? Elected officials? MVHS? The Russians?) reminds us of a person preparing an omelet for a hungry family, while two cousins argue about which came first: the chicken or the egg?

The chicken has left the building. We got the eggs. The omelet is cooking.

And we hope our cousins figure out soon that their chicken-egg argument won’t feed the family.






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