Don’t drop that torch!

A few weeks ago, we were pleased to see that several organizations—Genesis Group, Greater Utica Chamber of Commerce, MV EDGE and the Community Foundation—had decided to join forces in support of the hospital. “It’s about time,” we thought. We, that is to say, “newmvhospital,” a collective of like-minded community residents, launched a website and social media offshoots a few months ago because we felt at that time there was a notable absence of pro-hospital advocacy, especially online. And since social media, like nature, abhors a vacuum, the “no” noise seemed much louder and larger then than it really was, simply because not enough “yes” voices were expressing themselves forcefully. Thus, we have tried to answer the negativity and misinformation as best we could.

Now that Election Day is past, and Thursday’s announcement has unveiled some long-awaited and definitive project information, the time has come to turn this effort over to the four organizations mentioned above. We feel that we have poked and prodded sufficiently, and four well-respected community organizations, speaking as one, can do a far better job of dispelling rumors and misinformation by publishing facts and progress reports on the project as it gathers momentum. We hope their combined effort supplements the work of MVHS and its other supporters; this effort has always been about collaboration—like the hospital project itself—and it’s a relay race, not a sprint.

Therefore, we are handing over this website and our social media presence—on Facebook and Twitter—to the four organizations, in the hope that they, as the “new” newmvhospital voice, will continue the work we have tried to do. This will take effect soon—the timing is up to them—and we look forward, as individuals, to being part of the continuing conversations on social media and elsewhere.

We are amused to think that NHD’s frequent complaint that newmvhospital has no standing, no credibility, etc., because we chose to remain anonymous, will now be null and void—because the four organizations assuming the role of newmvhospital are well-known in the community, representing decades of service by untold numbers of dedicated people. Nonetheless, NHD will attack them, as it already has, alleging that they are part of a vast elitist conspiracy. Our anonymity will no longer be an issue, but daring to speak out on behalf of the hospital—one of our community’s greatest assets—will automatically make these four organizations, their boards, leadership, staff, spouses of same (and perhaps their cousins as well) targets for those whose primary goal seems to be negativity for its own sake.

We thank all those who have joined the conversation in a positive way; we wish our successors well and hope that the reach of their messages exceeds ours, for the good of all in our region.


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