Math is hard, apparently

For some in our community, the following might be unworthy of mention. But since the details of the MVHS healthcare campus in Downtown Utica have become the subject of public debate, we think it necessary to point out an apparent flaw in one of the “no” group’s most frequently repeated claims, that the project will involve 1/4 (sometimes they have said 1/3) of the downtown.

In fact, according to the City of Utica, the project footprint is less than 1/8 of “downtown Utica,” unless you include Bagg’s Square in your definition of “downtown,” which many people do. In that case, the healthcare campus will involve less than 1/10 of downtown Utica.

As we have mentioned before, this is a complex project; and we all make mistakes. Some will argue that the exact figure isn’t important, it’s the principle that counts. And we agree: the principle that enhancing 1/8 or 1/10 of Downtown Utica with a half-billion-dollar investment in future healthcare will benefit our entire region.

That’s what counts.


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