Property owner looks forward to MVHS success

The project continues to move forward, thanks in part to the recent announcement of up to $1 million in relocation support from MVHS and The Community Foundation’s plan to hire a coordinator who will work with property owners and support St. Luke’s & St. E’s reuse planning.

Here’s what one property owner in the project footprint wrote to The Foundation a few days after the February 6 news conference:

“Thank you and the Community Foundation Board for hiring a coordinator to work with us and other property owners in our relocation to make room for the new hospital. It shows the commitment that the Foundation has towards making the project a success for everyone involved. Appreciate it and we look forward to working with the coordinator.”

Some property owners have already accepted offers; others—like the one who wrote the note above—are working on relocation plans and looking forward to the coordinator’s support, as they work on their transition out of the project footprint. Even No Hospital Downtown’s co-founder acknowledged the up to $1 million in relocation support as an accomplished fact in an interview on WUTQ’s Talk of the Town last week:

“This extra money should be limited to those businesses that will stay within the City of Utica so we can preserve our tax base.”

All signs of progress for our area’s largest-ever public-private investment.



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