Progress in the New Year

A great deal of progress was evident in 2018, and the New Year will see much more. So much has been said–and written–about #mvhsdowntown in recent weeks; here are a few highlights:

“A $300 million State investment will help a new hospital reshape downtown.”

Governor Andrew M. Cuomo


“Mohawk Valley Health System’s plans for a new hospital as part of downtown Utica took major strides [in 2018].”

The Observer-Dispatch


“I think it’s an amazing opportunity for us to create a research academic center. Having the hospital there will allow us to have more translational research.”

Maria Kontaridis, Masonic Medical Research Laboratory Director of Research

mvhs o-d ad 13jan2019
MVHS’s recent O-D ad

According to the City of Utica, the project will transform a 25-acre area that makes up 1/8 to 1/10 of the downtown district–1/8 if you consider Bagg’s Square separate from Downtown, 1/10 if you consider “Downtown Utica” includes Bagg’s Square. Whichever fraction you prefer, it will be a key addition to a downtown experiencing multiple developments that will complement each other, creating and enhancing a thriving urban environment.

With the environmental review process close to completion and more than 2/3 of property owners having come to terms with MVHS, next steps in 2019 will include site preparation–and the start of actual construction won’t be far behind.

As MVHS’s January 13 ad put it, “Building for our community’s future.” That’s what this project is all about.



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