Progress springs eternal

Like hope, progress “springs eternal.” Apologies to Alexander Pope.

One of Downtown Utica’s signature signs of progress, MVHS’s new regional healthcare campus, continues to take shape. This week, on April 18, 2019, the City of Utica Planning Board took action signalling the formal end to the required environmental review of the project. And this action means an acceleration of the steps leading up to the start of construction later this year.

Supportive voices speaking out on social media elsewhere are growing in number, as the project moves forward. And more people in our community are learning how this major part of Downtown Utica’s revival will contribute to a vibrant, thriving urban culture.

Truly, both hope and progress spring eternal–not only, as Pope wrote, “in the human breast”–but also in Downtown Utica, the increasingly hopeful and progressive core of our larger community.


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