A Summer of Progress–Updated

As summer arrives, it’s exciting to see “Future Home of” signs showing up in the #mvhsdowntown project footprint. Already, MVHS has secured the parcels in the healthcare campus project footprint, clearing the way for demolition and the start of construction in the months ahead.

MVHS sign vandalizedEDIT
Vandals defaced this Columbia Street sign shortly after its May installation on MVHS property.

Sadly, the few who still actively oppose the project on social media have begun to disparage MVHS vendors and private citizens. But, on a brighter and lighter note, the number of pro-MVHS efforts on Facebook has grown to include Yes Hospital Downtown, We Support Hospital Downtown, Pro Growth for a New Utica–and, most recently, a “No Hospital” parody page called Friends of Timmy Crock. Fortunately, for all of the exchange of opinion on social media, this important project is moving steadily forward where it matters most–in the real world.

As the summer wears on, look for more signs of progress: literal ones, in the project footprint and metaphorical ones, as dilapidated buildings and vacant lots begin to give way to an active construction site. And as you reflect on the City’s continuing progress and its bright future, remember that Downtown Utica’s new regional healthcare center will still be serving community needs long after the debate over its origins is forgotten.


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