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MVHS publishes a project update

For those who missed it, we are reproducing here the two-page Observer-Dispatch update from the Sunday, August 19, 2018, edition. It features a letter from the Mohawk Valley Health System Board of Directors, a list of project milestones, and summaries of how the: #mvhsdowntown project will streamline care and support physician recruitment Downtown Utica site… Continue reading MVHS publishes a project update

Building the future, honoring the past

While MVHS’s regional healthcare campus in Downtown Utica represents the future, it also presents a unique opportunity to connect to the origins of those hospitals that have come together to enhance the community’s well-being. How the project can honor the community’s history, even as it focuses on the future, has been lost in the discussion… Continue reading Building the future, honoring the past

Project progress

Important milestones, past and future, for #mvhsdowntown: November 2014: MVHS announces it is "exploring opportunities to possibly fund and build a new, single hospital for the community" 2015: MVHS begins community engagement, eventually holding hundreds of meetings, large and small, with individuals, neighborhood groups, organizations, community leaders, inviting feedback from thousands of area residents January… Continue reading Project progress