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The hospital

The primary source of information for this project as it continues to take shape is the hospital itself:

Also on the “New Beginning” page of the MVHS website is a link to a “Frequently Asked Questions” document, an explanation of “Benefits and Costs for the New Hospital,” and a presentation describing the process that led to the completed exterior design of the project.

Reporting on the new hospital

Media outlets have reported extensively on the new hospital. Here are some noteworthy examples, as well as editorials and opinion columns.!1gSm6WddfivcVZ@f2u5Vw/!WfXaVVHHBoV26t54WrLjw/!XnhfDxUIA0MmHnwGlrnHow/

Editorials and opinions:

Another downtown hospital

While no other community or project is an exact parallel, there are similarities to be found in other places.

Springfield, Ohio

“The costs and complexities of building a hospital downtown made it a risk, but five years later local experts said Springfield Regional Medical Center has spurred other investments and served as a centerpiece of revitalization efforts.”$275m-downtown-hospital-impact-on-springfield-significant